Sea Shanties Citizens

Shill City Citizens is the Genesis pfp collection of the the Sea Shanties Defi Metaverse. A deflationary collection of 6666 Crime lords fighting for control of the synthesized krill trade. Build your gang and send them on missions through our P2E Gamefied Staking platform.

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49.99 max. sale
◎ 5.08 avg. sale
◎319.9024h volume
6524h sales
6.90 24h max. sale
◎4.9224h avg. sale
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Info: This is a new listing and ranking formula might get adjusted! This rank might not reflect the rarity vision of the creators of this NFT collection. Any possible utility of the NFT is not taken into consideration while calculating ranking. Do not base your purchase or sale decisions solely on this ranking. Enjoy!

97 results 1
97 results 1