Pixel Invaderz

The Pixel Invader galaxy is inhabited by numerous species which have evolved together over millions of years. These aliens are collectively called Pixel Invaderz. Some live in peace and harmony, working with their neighbors and focusing on advancing their civilization, while others are filled with hatred and jealousy, plundering their fellow Invaderz and posing a constant threat to the galactic community. The Invader NFTs are made up of a wide range of unique and handcrafted species, each with different characteristics and a thoughtful history - realistic enough that they feel familiar and relateable, despite their unusual appearance.

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10 max. sale
◎ 1.25 avg. sale
◎1.4524h volume
324h sales
0.50 24h max. sale
◎0.4824h avg. sale
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175 results 1
175 results 1