Pet Solciety

Pet Solciety is a virtual world where it’s adorable inhabitants, the Petizens, interact, play, compete and coexist with their owners and other Players. Players can feed, fish, race, visit other Players, go on adventures or even build Towns and Houses for their Petizens. Owning Petizens allows Players to participate in activities inside the virtual world and earn $PAWR Tokens. $PAWR can be used to upgrade Towns, buy collectible items to decorate Houses and customize Petizens.

properties Sales
10 max. sale
◎ 0.56 avg. sale
◎5.9224h volume
1424h sales
0.50 24h max. sale
◎0.4224h avg. sale
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Info: This is a new listing and ranking formula might get adjusted! This rank might not reflect the rarity vision of the creators of this NFT collection. Any possible utility of the NFT is not taken into consideration while calculating ranking. Do not base your purchase or sale decisions solely on this ranking. Enjoy!

243 results 1
243 results 1