Female HODL Whales

The Female HODL Whales are a collection of 1,500 unique female whales that are fleeing Earth in the year 6969 trying to avoid extinction. They're on a search for their power source $KRILL that will be essential to sustaining their lives, their companions, and eventually their babies. Our model: breed, stake, earn.

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50.10 max. sale
◎ 7.64 avg. sale
◎14.3024h volume
1124h sales
1.99 24h max. sale
◎1.3024h avg. sale
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Info: This is a new listing and ranking formula might get adjusted! This rank might not reflect the rarity vision of the creators of this NFT collection. Any possible utility of the NFT is not taken into consideration while calculating ranking. Do not base your purchase or sale decisions solely on this ranking. Enjoy!

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