Exiled Degen Ape Academy

The Degenerate Ape Academy is an NFT brand housed on the Solana blockchain. The academy consists of 10,000 degenerate ape NFTs.

max. sale 160
avg. sale◎ 24.60
24h volume◎0.00
24h sales0
24h max. sale◎ 0
24h avg. sale◎0
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Info: Here you can view all Exiled Degen Apes that we managed to locate. It's possible that some ar still hiding. If you have found any, let us know and we will add them to the group. It's also possible that some rogue Apes have infiltrated this group. Be careful! Exiled Degen Apes were minted during first Degen Ape Academy drop, which ended in failure. Currently the faith of Exiled Degen Apes is unknown.

4 results
rarity 124
# 11
◎107.625buy on Magic Eden
no sale history
rarity 336
# 5100
◎41buy on Magic Eden
LAST ◎30
rarity 446
# 152
◎57.0823buy on Magic Eden
no sale history
rarity 602
# 6662
◎50buy on Solsea
no sale history