Dapper Ape High Society

DAHS designs versatile, customizable metaverse avatars that will easily implementable into a variety of games, letting you choose who you want to be in any metaverse. The DAHS Mission is to design avatars with the most widespread metaverse compatibility. After the release of our BAA (Build-An-Ape) software, holders will be able to buy, sell, and trade accessories to customize their avatar to their own design! If you get tired of your look, you can simply un-equip the attribute, sell it for SOL, and choose a fresh new look! And the best part? You can purchase these accessories simply by staking your NFT on our website, letting you choose between customizability or earning passive income.

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5 max. sale
◎ 0.70 avg. sale
◎0.8024h volume
224h sales
0.50 24h max. sale
◎0.4024h avg. sale
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Info: This is a new listing and ranking formula might get adjusted! This rank might not reflect the rarity vision of the creators of this NFT collection. Any possible utility of the NFT is not taken into consideration while calculating ranking. Do not base your purchase or sale decisions solely on this ranking. Enjoy!

185 results 1
185 results 1