Bullish Broker Club

In honor of the pioneers of the Bullish Broker Club, the most successful 3500 club members have been immortalized on the Solana blockchain as a NFT collection. The Bullish Broker Club takes a never seen approach to NFTs. We are trying to blur the lines between NFTs and the trading aspect of conventional collectibles like trading card games. To encourage trading the NFTs we will utilize secondary marketplaces like no other NFT has done before. To make the flipping aspect of NFTs fun and lucrative over a longer period of time. People who manage to have the NFTs that are mentioned in our journal will split 50% of the royalties we made over the last 2 weeks. The core of the project is the art and the story telling around it in a 1920-1930 style. This trading game is our first utility, we wanted to try something else than traditional staking or play 2 earn as there is plenty of projects doing that already.

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203 results 1